Flight no. 420 was the first one I flew the Katana DV20 with call-sign HB-SCL as Pilot in Command (PIC) after having completed the familiarization on this aircraft type.

The current and forecasted weather for Zürich was as follows:

METAR Zurich-Kloten

LSZH 151420Z 26008KT 210V290 9999 FEW060 30/16 Q1016 NOSIG

TAF Zurich-Kloten

LSZH 151425Z 1515/1621 27010KT 9999 FEW045 TX29/1515Z TN18/1604Z TX25/1615Z PROB40 TEMPO 1516/1521 29015G25KT 4500 TSRA SCT040CB BKN050 BECMG 1515/1518 25005KT TEMPO 1605/1612 SHRA SCT015 BKN030 BECMG 1607/1610 29012G27KT BECMG 1617/1619 VRB03KT

If you are not an Avgeek, don’t worry about the aviation langusge. In short, the weather was nice, except the probabilty of local thinderstorms and very gusty conditions in their vicinity.

After filling up the fuel tank, we headed south towards Luzern:

Near Aarau I did airwork. I stalled the plane and made some steep turns for practise.

This was the track:

Short after landing a strong thunderstorm poured lots  of water on the ground, accompanied by  intense lightning and gusts.

Flying a Katana is rael fun.

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