If This Than That, or short IFTTT

It’s a simple logic for doing simple things. If (trigger) than do that (event). Automation of simple, repetitive actions can be easily realised by everyone. Here’s a typical example for an application in the area of social media:
If new feed item on http://www.url.com than create a link post on [your Facebook site]

And there is even more you can do with this tool:

Earlier this year, I started an experiment and significantly increased the number of links I share on my social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. I signed up for the free tool at IFTTT.com and downloaded the app to my iPad and iPhone.

Target was to find out if this would really create more likes and initiate more requests to connect with people.
Fact is, that the number of likes only slightly increased. Not even one single request to connect was created through this. The tool posted every day several links in my channels to differnet sources. In a very short period of time more than 300 links per channel were created. But no new followers were noted.

On the further downside of it, the links to my own posts moved to the bottom in the long list of links and I have to scroll now through hundreds of items to find my own blog posts.

All this did not feel right and so I decided to write a post at the end of the year with the target to switch off the automatic sharing of links to posts from selected websites. My ‘applet’ would have looked like this, verbally speaking:

“If the year 2016 ends than switch off all IFTTT applets.”

It didn’t even come so far. A few days ago, the automatic posting of links by IFTTT went off and spammed my timelines with posting 10 times the same link. How ugly and unprofessional does that look like? It was a clear no-go for further use of the IFTTT tool and so I turned it off, even before Christmas.
Now I am sitting here with hundreds of beautiful links to interesting articles in my feeds. Since I scrolled through what was posted, I noticed the one or other interesting article worthwhile to read. A few friends shared some of the links. I aknowledged that with a like.
Not much interaction was generated with this ‘if this than that’. Now I will continue to share content that I create myself by writing blog posts like this one.

Do you already feel like missing something? Let me know and I will take the topic up in one of my future posts: ‘if you give me feedback than I will create a post’. That’s real interaction!

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