Finally, the Lego Crew has arrived. A worm welcome to Mr. & Mrs. Lego Pilot! – No, they do not have names yet. We need your support to give them proper names.

Mr. & Mrs. Lego Pilot are young airmen who have recently passed their flight exam. They went through class-room training of 80 hours and learned about aircraft, weather, navigation, radio communication, airspace structures, emergency procedures and human performance. With a flight instructor they learned how to handle an aircraft and made many take-offs and landings until they were able to perform their first solo flight. During this solo flight the instructor was on the ground and only gave instructions to them via radio communication, if necessary. Reaching a total of 35 hours training, an examiner tested their skills. They have received their personal pilot licence and can now continue to fly independantly.

The young crew needs a name. Please support us and propose names for Mrs. & Mr. Lego Pilot. Post the names on their Twitter account at or comment to this post on their Facebook page at

We look forward to your input and let’s see what our pilots accomplish next…