Long has the Lego Flight Crew been waiting for this day to come. Finally we made it to the nearby airport and shot our  first I Fly LEGO Movie. It captures in time-lapse the busy actvity at Airport Birrfled, ICAO Code LSZF, located in northern Switzerland.

The yellow “08” indicates the active runway. This means, airplanes were starting and landing in eastern direction. 90 degrees would be exactly east. Typically runway “two-six” (26) is in use because of the predominant wind direction coming from the west. Airplanes always land and takeoff against the wind to minimize required runway length and shorten distance to clear obstacle height.

The red-white sack indicates the wind direction and intensity.  As it did not move a lot, it was a very calm day.

Enough words, enjoy one minute time-lapse of two aircraft doing their run-up and take-off and one plane taxiing to the parking position after landing.

Your I Fly Lego Crew