Before I started to learn to fly, sitting in airplanes was already common for me. One of many hundred passengers in the economy class of commercial aircraft, flying long distances between Europe and Afrika. Sometimes the flights were smooth, other times they were more bumpy – please fasten your seatbelts! I always like to sit at the window and look outside. There are so many things to see during the different phases of flight. When on ground the fuel truck, people loading and unloading luggage and the catering services moving the food trolleys into the airplane. During taxi and takeoff other planes and during climb often flying through clouds. At cruising altitude, below me clouds, landscapes and oceans, varying during day light and cities shining in different sizes during night. Flying was never boring for me, no matter how long the trip was. Already as child I loved to ask a cabin crew member to allow me into the cockpit. Wow, so many switches, gauges, displays, knobs and indicators! Yes, I wanted to become a pilot too. But there still was a long way to go.

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