This was the current weather for Zurich Airport this morning: METAR. The forecast for the day was the TAF.



After completing flight preparation

and fueling the Katana,

we took off from Birrfeld LSZF and headed south-southeast towards Tun.

At 7000 feet above mean sea level we took some pictures from the surrounding clouds 

and the Pilot:

After flying over the lake of Thun, the Swiss Alps became visible. We identified Mönch and Jungfrau. At nearly 10’000 feet altitude we had the Eiger north-face directly in front of us:

Leaving this Monument behind us, we continued to fly on the right side of the valley. 

We crossed the Sustenen Pass (min. safe altitude 8’200 feet) and continued north leaving the Vierwaldstätter lake left of us:

We flew near Mythen

and onwards to Einsiedeln 

Last object in my Camera roll was Walensee:

After a total flying time of two hours and ffteen minutes (2:15), we landed safely and very happy at our homebase Birrfeld. It was time for a break.

After lunch we concluded the flying  with some touch-and-go’s resulting in a total of 2:45 flying time and 6 landings for the day.

Karsten Reichart

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