Hello and welcome to FSX BOX!

In this post I provide background information about the site and it’s purpose.

Why “FSX BOX”?

The name is derived from the term “a Flight Simulator in a box”. A vast commuty of designers and builders make their own homebuilt or Do-It-Yourself (DIY) aircraft cockpits. The setups vary from simple desktop setups up to full scale cockpits of large airliners like Airbus A320 or Boeing 737.

As I neither have the budget nor the space for a large cockpit, I wanted to start small.

Why a General Aviation Cockpit?

I engage in General Aviation as Private Pilot since 25 years. Therefore the cockpit should be as much as possible a replica of a General Aviation Aircraft. A typical example is the famous Cessna Skyhawk (C172), which I have already flown myself many times.

Is the Flight Simulator in a box licensed for training purposes?

No. It is only intended for recreational flight simulation purposes. An official certification as Flight Navigation Procedure Trainer (FNPT) would involve significant effort and most likely not all requirements are fulfilled to qualify it.

Have you already built a portable and fully integrated Flight Simulator?

One prototype was built up to now. It was used as “proof of concept” and confirmed the basic design principles. Currently I am improving the design and making it fit for homebuilt or do-it-yourself application. The following picture shows the prototpye:


Can I purchase a FSX BOX from you?

Not yet. Currenlty I am finalising the design for a homebuilt or do-it-yourself cockpit shell. The idea is that the user or customer will order the parts online from a vendor which provides laser-cuttting services. I want to make the design files for the cockpit-shell available for purchase via an online-shop.

The customer would also need to buy the required simulator hardware like yoke, throttle quadrant and potentially rudder pedals plus the necessary computer hardware like PC and monitor. Additionally a Flight Simulation software is required. Assembly and installation would be done by the customer. No special skills are required, but he could also reach out to someone who can help.

What does the “FSX” stand for?

FSX is commonly used for Microsoft’s Flight Simulator version ten, or short FSX. Here I do not specifically refer to that product as there are also other companies which offer Flight Simulation software, like X Plane etc. I should rather use “FSx” to indicate that it is up to the customer’s discretion to decide which software he wants to use to operate his FSX BOX.

Where can I find more information?

You are always welcome to contact me in case you have any further questions or need additional information. Please use the contact form which you can find via the site’s menu.

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