Why to choose a portable and fully integrated Flightsimulator

Have you ever thought about taking your own compact and easy-to-carry Flightsimulator to friends, into a meeting or with your plane (or car) to the next flying convention? A portable Flightsimulator solution might than exactly be what you are looking for!

Many Enthusiasts build 1:1 replicas of huge airliner cockpits for their personal Flightsimulation experience. Others obtain Fuselages of General Aviation Aircraft like the famous Cessna 172 and equip them with PCs, simulated Instrument Panels and a system to dispaly a virtual Scenery.

Real Pilots usually start to learn flying in small single-piston Aircraft. Amazingly, compact and mobile Flightsimulation solutions, which are not bound to stay at the place where they once were built, can rarely be found. Typical Desktop setups have bundles of visible cables and the hardware usually has to be mounted on a table. They also do not nearly look like a real cockpit, the elements are not arranged as a Pilot would expect it and it always is a big hassle when setting up or removing them.

The Fly Sim Box for example combines most of the advantages from affordable off-the-shelf hard- and software. At the same time it avoids many of the disadvantages fixed-base and rather spacy commercial Flight Training Devices (FTDs) have.

The main features of a compact, fully integrated and portable Flightsimulation solution are:

  • The compact design leads to small dimensions.
  • Lightweight Aviation materials reduce gross weight.
  • Full integration and internal wiring of all components reduces set-up time and provides a true “single plug and fly” simulation experience.
  • The enclosure protects all internal parts from unauthorized access and hides the cables inside.
  • Size and position of the cockpit elements is made as close as possible to where they belong compared to a real cockpit.
  • The lean and standardized design reduces manufacturing cost, which allow to offer the product at a very competitive prize.

You want to learn more about portable Flightsimulators or even want to build one? Mail me directly to flynsim@gmail.com or visit my Homepage www.karstenreichart.wordpress.com to find out more about [flynsim]: Closer to Aviation, Engineering and Simulation.

Dipl.-Ing. Karsten Reichart

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