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When I hear the sound from three engines of a Junkers Ju-52 I quickly go outside to see her flying near by or over the place I am. Majestic, how the noise frequency increases due to the Doppler-effekt when she comes closer to you and suddenly drops when the distance increases again.

Since more than 20 years I fly internationally in General Aviation as Pilot in Command. I also can provide maintenance as Aircraft Mechanic. In the category “Aviation” I want to share my passion for things that take off: Airplanes, Helikopters, Hot Air Balloons, Airships, …

I live near a small airport, it’s just a 10-minute drive. My homebase has a runway-length of just a few hundred meeters and is oriented in the typical east/west direction. Usually I submit via radio “Lining up and taking off Runway two-six!” Take-off is against the wind to shorten the ground-roll. After maintaining the runway heading of 260° for a moment, I join the departure routing…

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